I provide you with consultation and services according to today´s standard of dental treatment.

Special services

Oral surgery

· root resection and hemisection
· removal of wisdom, displaced and destroyed teeth
· transplantation and exposure of teeth
· traumatology, treatment of fractured teeth, front teeth injury 
    and jaw fracture
· soft tissue management, frenectomies
· biopsies, tumor surgery
· removal of dental and jaw cysts


· Prosthetic restoration on dental implants
· when necessary: Bone and jaw augmentation (GBR: 
    Guided bone regeneration) whith autografts and 
    xenografts, membrane techniques, elevation 
    of sinus maxillaris
· bone splitting/spreading
· reduced healing time and immediate loading of implants in 
    special cases

Individual prophylaxis

· cleaning of teeth by the dental hygienist
· caries risk determination
· periodontitis risk determination
· evaluation of oral hygiene, revelation of plaque
· instructions of oral hygiene, remotivation 
· recall- system

Treatment of musicians

· Special treatment of woodwind and brass players

Functional analysis

· diagnosis of the mandible articular
· splint treatment
· modifications in occlusion and articulation

Peridontitis treatment

· painless with ultra sonics
· when necessary: Bone augmentation ( GTR: Guided tissue 
    regeneration): autografts, xenografts, membrane techniques
· use of amelogenin proteins
· free mucosal and gingival grafts

Protection splints for sportsmen 

Ästhetic dentistry

· ceramic restorations (inlays, crowns, veneers)

Ambulant treatment

· usually in local anästhesia
· in special cases in full anästhesia with an anaesthesist 
     in stand-by

Bleaching of teeth

· immediately chairside
· waiting room method
· walking bleach technique
· during night at home

Intraoral camera

· foto and video documentation

Digital X-ray

· reduced radiation (about 70 % less radiation compared to 
    conventional X-ray) 
· single tooth X-ray
· skull X-ray
· technique of digital store foil